Thursday, 16 July 2009

Year12/13 Music Video Holiday Work

Some of you seem to have unfortunately decided to take an early holiday and, whilst this doesn't do much to improve my impression of your work ethic, I am going to give you all a fresh start in September and look forward to seeing you all for some fun Music Video work then. Come September I expect everyone to have the following on their blog:
  • Brief
  • Glogster of your musical tastes/consumption
  • Your favourite music video(s) with brief analysis/opinion comments
  • Case study/presentation of a music video director
  • Case study of a music act focussing on how their image has been created/sustained
  • Research into at least one record label (could be Rough Trade)
  • 500 word Textual Analysis of a music video of your choice

Get it all done and we'll get off to a brilliant start in September. Have a good holiday and see you all then.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

I am disappointed

It is without any pleasure at all that I have to say I'm very disappointed with the attitude of many returning A-Level media students. Lateness to lessons, missing lessons and failing to complete independent study work are NOT acceptable and if I do not see a marked improvement by next week's lesson I will be recommending to Ms Beer (new Head of Sixth Form) that some of you are not given places on the A2 course for September.

It is particularly insulting and frustrating that you are only being taught for one of your 2 hour lessons each week and are still not using the extra time left from the other 2 hour lesson to complete the independent work set for you. We would expect your level of effort to INCREASE from AS to A2, not DECREASE, as A2 requires a more in-depth approach and higher standard of work in order to achieve a good grade.

I sincerely hope that this will be the first and last time I have to talk like this and that you will all rise to the challenge and strive to meet the standards we are setting for you.

I'd also like to mention the following students as being completely exempted from this moan; they are proof that it is entirely possible to achieve everything I am asking of you, and more...

Emily Peachey
Tara Costello
Ross Lusted