Tuesday, 11 October 2011

What you should have on your blogs so far...

1. Case study of a recording artist's image over time
• Star Image: Tracing Star Development through Music Video
• Which star did you analyse? What time period did you focus on?
• Summarise the changing image of your star (refer to a range of characteristic features)
• Textual evidence of early star image (include video references)
• Textual evidence of how star image develops (include video references)
• Theoretical, social and cultural contexts (e.g.: is star image connected to ideas about gender identity; sexuality; stardom itself; "girl power"; ethnic representation; discourses of power?)
• Institutional contexts (changes in signings; the star as brand; synergy; marketing; filming styles)
• How will you use this research to inform your production work?

2. Class notes on the history of music video & Goodwin
3. Jay-Z 99 Problems analysis (done in class)
4. Coffee & TV OR Tribute analysis (done in class)
5. Analysis of video of choice applying Goodwin
6. Chosen brief & details of group/initial response to brief
7. Analysis of video(s) of same genre as chosen brief & notes on what Codes & Conventions they've identified
8. Music Video Director presentation
9. Rough Trade lesson notes plus extra tasks
10. Notes on Adorno and Horkhiemer and the Culture industry
11. Target audience profile
12. Results of questionnaires to target audience and feedback from mini crit in lesson
13. Images and explanation of mood board
14. Analysis of 2 digi packs and one advert/poster of an album release
15. One Journal entry for every week we’ve been working on this project (should be up to at least 3 by now)

Wednesday, 5 October 2011