Thursday, 12 July 2012

Year 12/13 Summer Task

To create a case study of a well-established recording artist, looking at how their image has been constructed through a variety of media. This should include details of how they broke into the business, their ideology, record label and relationship with the label, any significant press attention and crucially, analyses of several videos and how these videos contributed to/created their 'image' and subsequently their success.

This could be done as a powerpoint, prezi or a series of blog posts and should include a variety of images, video and text.


Monday, 2 July 2012

Music Video Task

With a partner, make a presentation on a music video director of your choice in powerpoint, to present to the class next lesson. Include:
-A bio of them/their ideology/how they got into the business
-A breakdown of their most significant work
-A textual analysis of one or two of their videos
-Comments from artists and/or industry bods about their work
-Any other interesting titbits - ie. do they work with particular artists? Are they linked with any record labels? Have they done anything controversial?