Monday, 28 September 2009

Essay title

'Does the media merely reflect society or is it instrumental in constructing it?'
Quote at least two media theorists/academics/people who like gobbing off and refer to at least two media texts in your response.


Thursday, 24 September 2009

Friday, 18 September 2009

Music Video Article

Mrs Raji found this excellent article on music video - read it now, perhaps refer to it and comment on it on your blog and/or use quotes from it as a basis for comment.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Year 11 cover work

All students are working on Section A coursework – finishing it off ready for submission next week. They will all need to do different things, some will need to use the ICT room E15 to work on essays, blogs and photoshop work whilst others will need to stay in the classroom to work on storyboards. THERE IS NO-ONE IN THE CLASS WHO HAS NOTHING TO DO.

Anyone who thinks they have nothing left to do should go through their folder looking for improvements to make and then look on my blog at the list of things that should be on their TV drama blog. The vast majority of students in the class need to finish/colour/perfect their TV drama STORYBOARD and/or finish off their Dexter essay.

This is the LAST LESSON to work on this coursework so anyone who chooses not to do anything will only have themselves to blame when their grade is not as good as they’d like.

Year 10 homework

Homework - for next Tues
Make up and conduct a questionnaire amongst your family and friends to find out about media tastes and consumption. Post your results on your blog, along with a paragraph summarising your findings and reflecting on them.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Creation of a music act

•Solo artist or group?
•Name - brainstorm then select.
•Back story - who are they, how did they get together/get into the business, what have they done before etc.
•Ideology - what are their values/beliefs, what are they trying to promote in terms of music and/or a general philosophy.
•Image - include drawn images and/or photos of what they artist/band will look like. Clothes, make-up, hair, accessories etc. ‘The look’.
•Record Label - select one and give reasons for choice. Look to similar bands/artists for guidances.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Year 12 Media Manifesto

Your manifesto should state to me, yourself, your other media teachers, Ms Beere, the school, THE WORLD, what you think and feel about media AS level, what you hope and intend to achieve this year and how you plan to do it.
Use these questions to guide your writing:
ª How would you sum up yourself as a student up to this point?
ª What were your GCSE results and how did you feel about them?
ª Why did you choose to take Media Studies?
ª What targets/challenges are you setting yourself as you begin your sixth form career?
ª What are you ultimate career aspirations?
ª How will the media studies AS course help you to achieve your ultimate goals?
ª What obstacles might there be for you in achieving well on the course and how will you overcome them?
ª What do you think you will bring to the class that will enhance it?
ª Sum up your philosophy on the media AS course in one sentence.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Year 10 Blog Tasks

Before doing anything else, please email me your blog link (found in the address bar when you are viewing your blog) to:

1. A few paragraphs answering these questions:
Why did you take media studies?
What do you think you will be good at in media studies?
What do you think you will find challenging?
What are the three main things that you want me (Miss) to know about you?

2. Write up MIGRAIN, with any definitions you are able to add at this time.

3. Go on and make the mind map done yesterday in class on 'What is the Media'. When you've done it, save it (you will have to register with to do this - just follow this instructions when you go to 'Save') and then I will show you how to import it to your blog.

On your blog, keep a diary of your media consumption for the next week. Don't just write every programme you watch, advert you see etc but write about interesting media texts that you consume, what you think of them, why you chose them etc.