Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Year 11 cover work

All students are working on Section A coursework – finishing it off ready for submission next week. They will all need to do different things, some will need to use the ICT room E15 to work on essays, blogs and photoshop work whilst others will need to stay in the classroom to work on storyboards. THERE IS NO-ONE IN THE CLASS WHO HAS NOTHING TO DO.

Anyone who thinks they have nothing left to do should go through their folder looking for improvements to make and then look on my blog at the list of things that should be on their TV drama blog. The vast majority of students in the class need to finish/colour/perfect their TV drama STORYBOARD and/or finish off their Dexter essay.

This is the LAST LESSON to work on this coursework so anyone who chooses not to do anything will only have themselves to blame when their grade is not as good as they’d like.

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