Thursday, 10 September 2009

Year 12 Media Manifesto

Your manifesto should state to me, yourself, your other media teachers, Ms Beere, the school, THE WORLD, what you think and feel about media AS level, what you hope and intend to achieve this year and how you plan to do it.
Use these questions to guide your writing:
ª How would you sum up yourself as a student up to this point?
ª What were your GCSE results and how did you feel about them?
ª Why did you choose to take Media Studies?
ª What targets/challenges are you setting yourself as you begin your sixth form career?
ª What are you ultimate career aspirations?
ª How will the media studies AS course help you to achieve your ultimate goals?
ª What obstacles might there be for you in achieving well on the course and how will you overcome them?
ª What do you think you will bring to the class that will enhance it?
ª Sum up your philosophy on the media AS course in one sentence.

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