Thursday, 22 October 2009

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Music Video Pitching

The purpose of the pitch is to SELL your idea to the class and get their feedback on what you are planning to do. You need to communicate your vision to us through words, images and moving images and should include:
  1. Details of your music act.
  2. A play of your song (or part of it at least) OR a screening of your animatic.
  3. Details of locations you plan to use (with photos if possible)
  4. Details of costumes/make-up.
  5. Explanation of your narrative and/or performance elements.
  6. Justification of WHY you want to make this video for this act - link with Target Audience.

Pitches will take place during the first lesson back after half term.

Year 10 ICT tasks

To do today:

1. Finish you magazine cover in photoshop, save it as a jepeg and add it to your blog.
2. Finish your banner in photoshop, save it as a jpeg and add it to your blog.
3. Start you homework for this week of writing up all of yesterday's notes on your blog.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Monday, 12 October 2009

Audience Profiling Power Point

Music Video Blog Checklist

OK, so you're all clear, you should have all of the following on your blogs by now...
  1. Brief
  2. Case study of an artist/group looking at the creation/development of their image through time.
  3. Case study of a music video director.
  4. Research into one independent and one mainstream record label.
  5. 500-1000 word textual analysis of a music video of a similar genre to the song you are using.
  6. Another textual analysis of another similar video.
  7. Details of the song you have chosen and why.
  8. Details of the music act you have created, including name, back story, ideology, image and target audience.
  9. Mood board (either digital or photos of a hand-made one).

Friday, 9 October 2009

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Year 11 Section B Research/Planning

You should have your Brief as your first post and a initial brainstorm of your product before beginning the following:

Week 1: Initial research
-Carry out textual analysis of similar existing products to identify codes and conventions. Decide which of these you will use, which you will ignore/subvert.
-Consider issues of representation - who/what is being represented and in what way? Why?

Week 2: Audience research
-Create an Audience Profile of your target audience using demographic and psychographic techniques.
-Carry out primary audience research (questionnaires) and analyse results. How will this inform your production work?

Week 3: Initial planning
-Depending on your product, begin planning initial elements using a brainstorm/list.
-Make a Mood Board using Glogster to show the key elements (colours/images/tone/words - depending on product) of your production.

Week 4: Final research & planning
-Create thumbnails/storyboards. Select final idea and plan thoroughly. Print = selection of thumbnails with best one selected. Video = script/storyboard + shooting schedule.
-Research Industry (record label/film studio/ advertising agency/video game production co.) Who would produce/market your product in the real world?