Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Year 11 Section B Research/Planning

You should have your Brief as your first post and a initial brainstorm of your product before beginning the following:

Week 1: Initial research
-Carry out textual analysis of similar existing products to identify codes and conventions. Decide which of these you will use, which you will ignore/subvert.
-Consider issues of representation - who/what is being represented and in what way? Why?

Week 2: Audience research
-Create an Audience Profile of your target audience using demographic and psychographic techniques.
-Carry out primary audience research (questionnaires) and analyse results. How will this inform your production work?

Week 3: Initial planning
-Depending on your product, begin planning initial elements using a brainstorm/list.
-Make a Mood Board using Glogster to show the key elements (colours/images/tone/words - depending on product) of your production.

Week 4: Final research & planning
-Create thumbnails/storyboards. Select final idea and plan thoroughly. Print = selection of thumbnails with best one selected. Video = script/storyboard + shooting schedule.
-Research Industry (record label/film studio/ advertising agency/video game production co.) Who would produce/market your product in the real world?

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