Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Year 10 Blog Tasks

Before doing anything else, please email me your blog link (found in the address bar when you are viewing your blog) to:

1. A few paragraphs answering these questions:
Why did you take media studies?
What do you think you will be good at in media studies?
What do you think you will find challenging?
What are the three main things that you want me (Miss) to know about you?

2. Write up MIGRAIN, with any definitions you are able to add at this time.

3. Go on and make the mind map done yesterday in class on 'What is the Media'. When you've done it, save it (you will have to register with to do this - just follow this instructions when you go to 'Save') and then I will show you how to import it to your blog.

On your blog, keep a diary of your media consumption for the next week. Don't just write every programme you watch, advert you see etc but write about interesting media texts that you consume, what you think of them, why you chose them etc.

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