Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Year 10 Blogs

Below you'll find some great tutorials to help you with your blogs, including one about Glogster which is a really great way of including mind-map type information and of making your blogs look really cool.

As of this week you should all have the following blog postings, remember this is part of your coursework and will be assessed!

  • Brief for this project (what you've been told to do)
  • Television Drama Sub-genres and their Codes and Conventions - presented either as a text posting or a Glogster posting. Please note: to upload your glogster piece to your blog you need to have registered with Glogster when you make it, publish the Glog and then copy the HTML code (or embed code) and paste that into the 'Edit Html' window in the 'New post' section of your Blog.
  • Case study of a Television Drama programme of your choice:

Pick one SOAP, SERIES or ONE-OFF TV drama. Find out:
* What time(s) and channel(s) it is broadcast on
* When it started (and finished, if appropriate)
* Who makes it (its Production Company)
* What its highest ratings have been
* What its Target Audience is (demographics and psychographics)
* What the critics have said about it
Also, give a brief synopsis of the show including details of Setting(s), Characters and Narrative.

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