Thursday, 14 May 2009

Media Studies AS classes, I do feel for you...

As you're all struggling through the practice exam paper I thought I'd try to help you expand your understanding of the music industry and its relationship with audiences. I've found a very interesting website of an online record label that allows audiences to pay whatever they feel a record is worth, taking the Independent ideologies we've seen at Rough Trade to a whole new level. The 'Info' section of the website is very useful and will give you insights into how the industry works and ways in which new technologies are having to be addressed due to audience pressure. Like the founders of Rough Trade, the guy who started Magnatune is a music fan who disagreed with the way things were being done and so decided to do it himself, his own way. The results are interesting. Check it out!

I've also found some links to articles about Rough Trade which may be of use to you in constructing case studies:

This article looks at Record Shop vs Online buying:

This article is about an online music company falling foul of outdated licensing laws and begs the question: how will the music industry adapt to survive the digital age?

Here's the link to that essay sharing site too:

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