Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Year 12 Title Sequence Blogs: To Do

Don't be scared when you look through this list children, you should not have all of this done yet by any stretch, but this is what you are aiming for by the end of the coursework project so there's no excuse for anyone to be slacking off!

1. A completed 'Continuity sequence' preliminary task2. A completed titles and opening sequence to a new fiction film (no longer than two minutes)
3. A thorough BLOG evidencing all of your research and planning which highlights the detailed development of your film.

a. Critical analysis of the work of Kyle Cooper and/or Saul Bass
b. Evidence of research into similar media texts and analysis of their forms and conventions
c. A logline for your film idea/concept and or a mind-map exploring narrative/character development
d. Draft storyboards and plans
e. A comprehensive set of posts outlining the processes in the development of your film and the decisions and revisions made

a. Location shots
b. Casting Shots
c. An animatic
d. Second/third draft storyboards
e. music choices discussion and analysis
f. the first cut with analysis
g. Detailed critique of the developmental process with reflective commentary on the decisions and revisions made.
h. Exploration of why opening title sequences are so important to the film industry?
i. Photographs of the shoot - you in action!
j. Shooting schedule
k. Mini-evaluative postings showing reflective thought processes throughout the project

a. Thorough audience research exploring the relationship between opening title sequences and spectator responses to film.
b. A detailed audience profile drawing upon sociographic and psychographic profiling techniques.
c. Audience responses to your finished film.
d. Evidence into 'Film Production' processes undertaking a case-study into a specific studio or film and tracking its production, distribution and marketing strategies.

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