Friday, 4 June 2010

Year 12 media feedback

Hi kids!

So I've had a look at your practice exams and on the whole, I continue not to be worried. That said, I do have the following tips for you all:

  • Those who split their note-making into categories (cinematography, sound, editing, mise-en-scene) have generally covered the elements better. Although you don't need to split them up in the writing of your response, you do need to ensure you comment on all of them.
  • You will have a few minutes before the screenings start and may want to use this time to write down the key elements and key vocabulary you need to use. See list below.
  • It is VERY important to keep your analysis focused on the representational area in the question (in this case Ethnicity). Most of you have made at least some comments which, although perfectly accurate, would not gain you marks because they don't say anything about the construction of representations of ethnicity. Make sure that for every analytical observation you make, you add a comment explaining how it contributes to representations of _________ in the extract.
  • Use proper, formal, academic language throughout. This is an essay like any other piece of coursework you would write.

Things to write about/Key Vocabulary

Close-up, mid-shot, 3/4 shot, long shot, extreme close-up
High angle, low angle, birds-eye view, worms-eye view, canted angle
Pan, tilt up, tilt down, track, crab
Hand-held, point-of-view shot, steadicam

Cut, dissolve, fade
Match-on-action, cutaway, shot-reverse-shot, jump cut
Continuity, time lapse, slow/fast motion
*Remember that editing refers to the way in which shots are arranged so think about what's next to what and how this affects meaning

Incidental sound, music, voice-over

Facial expression

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