Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Year 10 Work Thursday 4th June

Your task today is a blogging one - HOORAY I hear you cry! Basically, you need to transfer all the information about your TV drama show onto your blog and ideally this should be in Glogster format,as that'll make it look really cool and form a sort of Mood Board (remember how we did those for your music acts?) to give all the key information about your show. This should include:

1. Name of show
2. Style/tone (naturalistic/slow-paced/fast-paced /ironic/dark/light- hearted/cynical/fantastical...)
3. Settings
4. Key Characters (name, age, gender, personality, occupation)
5. Narrative structure (different storylines every week/ongoing storylines/a mixture of the two)
6. Example storylines
7. Scheduling (which channel and when)

You may, of course, use images from the internet to show some of these things. For characters, you should think about who you'd like to play them if it was a real show and put their pictures in.

Remember to register and log in to glogster before you start, otherwise you will no be able to publish your glog.

I will be checking your blogs at the end of the lesson so make sure that you publish your glogster to your blog even if it isn't quite finished.

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