Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Cover Work for Friday 13th March

I'm so sorry not to be there today but I have a very important ROYAL event to attend which can't be missed! Here's what I want you to do...

Period 1-2 Year 12 Film Studies

Watch ‘The Truman Show’ and complete the Narrative Structure sheets provided, including all key narrative developments (what happens in the story that’s important).

Homework: Analyse and compare the opening and closing scenes of ‘American Beauty’ on your blogs. YouTube links to scenes:

Period 5 Year 10 Media Studies

Use this lesson to get ALL sketchbook work up-to-date. You should have done all of the following:

1. My Music
2. Questionnaires on music tastes and consumption habits with results written up and/or shown in graph format.
3. Mood Board made, photographed, stuck in book and annotated.
4. Details of your own original music act.
5. Logo analysis (at least 3 annotated)
6. Logo designs x4
7. Final logo design drawn and annotated
8. Logo made in Photoshop, printed and stuck in book with evaluative comments.
9. 5 thumbnail designs for your CD cover – coloured and annotated
10. Analysis of a CD cover of an existing music act of the same genre as yours (last week’s homework)
11. Final draft of 700-1000 word essay analyzing Pink’s ‘I’m not Dead’ CD cover

If by some miracle anybody has done all of that then you can complete a Case Study of research into a music artist/band of your choice, looking at how they are represented in the media and how their image has been constructed.

Homework: Prepare for photo shoots next lesson. Ensure that you bring all costumes, make-up and props that you will need to take your CD cover photos.

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