Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Year 12 Film Studies- Reflective Analysis of your film

As you're nearing completion of your short films it is time to think EVALUATION! What is required is essentially a micro analysis of your own work, focussing especially on the impact of the element that you were particularly responsible for. You can do it as a blog or as an essay. Exam board guidelines below:

Reflective analysis approximately 750 words or equivalent
(10 marks)
The reflective analysis should select key micro features of the
sequence and demonstrate how they make meaning(s) and aim to
provoke response(s)
in audiences. Candidates working in a group
should focus on the construction and impact of their chosen micro
The analysis can be presented:
• as a continuous piece of writing, with or without illustrative
• in a digital form such as a suitably edited blog or another webbased
format or
• as a focused DVD commentary.

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