Thursday, 25 March 2010

Year 13 Film - Holiday tasks

The research titles are as follows:

1. Historical context (date, location, relevant social/historical factors - SPANISH CIVIL WAR, and how these are represented in the film)

2. Director - Guillermo del Toro (life, other works and positioning of this film in relation to them, what he intended to achieve with the film and any information on his views on gender)

3. Critical reception (how was the film received by audiences and critics, any interesting critical insights)

4. Genre - Myth/Fantasy/'Gothic fairytale' (what are the conventions and does the film follow or develop/change them, how are women generally portrayed in this type of film and does this one break away from the traditional portrayals)

You must present your findings on your given topic in the first Friday lesson after Easter. Powerpoints are good but paper-based handouts or a verbal presentation would also be fine. NO EXCUSES WILL BE TOLERATED AND IF YOU HAVEN'T DONE IT YOU WILL NOT BE WELCOME IN THE LESSON.

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